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The ultimate guide to healthy and hydrated nails

The ultimate guide to healthy and hydrated nails

A fresh new manicure is always at the top of the list of a modern confident woman. However, many of us forget what should come first – strong and healthy nails. These would make a manicure look even better, prolong its life, and do it harm free! Similar to make up, you can’t achieve a perfect look without the perfect base – the skin! So, let us help you find the best skincare for your nails ☺️

The ultimate guide to healthy nails

Being a nail technician for over 8 years I have encountered all kinds of nail problems, types, shapes, and nail stories in general. I can confidently say that there is no problem that consistent use of a good cuticle oil can not fix!

A gentle nail buffer and a professional file should be staples in your nail arsenal, but have you got a good cuticle oil too? Keeping your cuticles hydrated will also keep them healthy and replenish the natural fats that get lost during excessive hand washing or exposure to harsh cleansing ingredients.

Whether you are new to nail care or want to touch up on your skills, here is everything you need to know about when it comes to cuticle oil.

Importance of cuticle oil

Without regular care, cuticles can become dry and damaged, consequently meaning your nails will be too! Our hands are exposed to various factors on the daily basis: water, the sun, cold weather, and not forgetting the numerous products you use which often contain harsh chemicals. All this adds up to create a nightmare environment for your cuticles and nails.

That is why we came up with our “Musk Have” Nail and Cuticle Oil! Researched and developed to help stimulate nail growth and promote stronger nails, protecting them from the elements they are exposed to.

Do I need to use cuticle oil?

If you are experiencing weak nails and your cuticles are looking a little damaged, dry or torn – cuticle oil should be your first port of call to fix them! This is more often the case in colder, winter months (which is most of the year here in the UK 😅). Due to recent event we can now no longer live without hand sanitisers which tend to dry out our skin a lot. Thus, we would recommend keeping a cuticle to hand and apply it regularly.

We have tried to make this as easy as possible for you, our “Musk Have” Nail and Cuticle Oil is travel friendly and can be used on the go. Just pop it in your bag, on your bed side table or next to your laptop in the office. You really have no excuses to forget about it now 😉

How do I apply cuticle oil?

Applying cuticle oil is super easy! Simply twist the pen until the brush fills up with oil and gently brush each nail and the surrounding skin. Once applied, massage into each nail and the skin surrounding it to stimulate blood circulation. For best results, we recommend using the cuticle oil twice per day 💅

Benefits of cuticle oil

Do long and strong nails sound appealing? If yes, you are here for the right reason 💕 Keeping your cuticles hydrated keeps them healthy, which in turn creates a great environment for nail growth. Nourished cuticles are the foundation and a protecting shield for you nails which will be less likely to chip, break or become brittle.



As you can see, caring for your nails is pretty easy and does not require too much effort, all your nails need is some love and affection (don’t we all? 🥰).

To summarise, good nail habits include:

  • Regularly nourishing your hands, nails and cuticles
  • Protect hands when exposed to harsh cleansing ingredients
  • Gently push cuticles, preferably with wooden sticks, to prevent damage
  • Do not pull on hanging cuticles to prevent infection
  • Do not pick on your gel nail polish as this will remove a layer of your natural nail too


Now you know the secret to healthy nails, make sure you get your “Musk Have” Nail and Cuticle Oil to keep yourself nourished everyday.

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Lots of love, 

SMYN ✨❤️